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Love Runs Blind...

Love Runs Blind...

As the music maestro and legendary rockstar Ayub Bachchu bids farewell to his fans forever, let us take a look back at his band Love Runs Blind (LRB)’s journey through the years.

Ayub Bachchu, the front man of LRB left Souls after ten long years and formed LRB in 1991. Tutul, Joy and Swapan joined the band around the same time as other co-members.

LRB started to play live gigs in the following years for flood victims and thus began their journey.

They did their first show out of the country in India, in 1997 at Jadavpur University. In 1998, LRB went for their first tour in USA and performed in seven states.

Bachchu performed live with Richard and Le Gang (France), Remo Fernandez, Nandon Bugchi, and Bikram Gosh of India; and Azam Khan (singer), Feelings (now Nagar Baul), Miles, Warfaze, Feedback and many more.

Till now, LRB is the only Bangladeshi rock band which performed in the famous Madison Square Garden in New York.

LRB studio albums:

LRB-1 & LRB-2 (1992)

Shukh (1993)

Tobuo (1994)

Ghumonto Shohorey (1995)

Shwapno (1996)

Amader Bishshoy (1998)

Mon Chailey Mon Pabey (2000)

Ochena Jobon (2003)

Money Ache Naki Nai (2005)

Sporsho (2009)

Judhdho (2012)  

LRB live album: Ferari Mon (2006)