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PRAN starts mango collection

PRAN starts mango collection

PRAN, one of the biggest agro-processors in the country, has started mango collection and pulping activities like previous years to manufacture mango drink, juice, mango bar and other food items.

This year, PRAN is collecting and pulping the mango in its plants of PRAN Agro Ltd factory in Natore and Barind (Varendra) Industrial Park in Rajshahi. PRAN sets target to procure 60,000 metric tons of mangoes for the season.

Sarowar Hossain, Deputy General Manager of Barind Industrial Park said, “We are collecting mangoes in our factory from Rajshahi, Chapainawabganj and its nearest region. In first phase, we are purchasing guti mango from May 28 and it will continue till first week of July. After this, we will collect Ashwani varieties until the supply of mango. Our Natore factory is also collecting mango from different parts of the country.”

He also added that Pulp is being produced in the plant following aseptic technology. The advantages of this technology are to preserve the pulps for two years maintaining its taste and freshness without freezing. In our plant, washing and peeling the mango, waste management, packaging of pulp and related all steps have been conducted without touch of hand. This factory is completely environment-friendly as we produce organic fertilizer and energy from wastage of mango. The plant has the capacity to crash 400 ton of mangoes every day.

Kamruzzaman Kamal, Marketing Director of PRAN-RFL Group, said, “PRAN has started collecting a large amount of mango from the farmers of Rajshahi, Natore Chapai Nawabganj, Naogaon, Dinajpur, Meherpur and Satkhira. After collecting the mango, we send it to our Natore and Rajshahi factories.  From the pulp, various kinds of mango juice and drinks and mango bar are being produced in the factories.”

“We set up the factory installing latest technology so that customers can drink fresh mango juice. For the reason, we have set up factory in the area which is famous for mango production. Apart from this, we hope, customers will get more standard food items as we have modernized the factory,” he added.

- Press release